Does Dota 2’s reporting system punish the right people?

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The reporting system in Dota 2 is used to blame players for four different reasons: communication abuse, intentional abuse of abilities, intentional feeding and, more recently, not playing a selected role.

Players should only be reported when exhibiting horrible behavior in a match, not when people are playing poorly. After all, if professional gamers are capable of having bad games, the rest of us are, no matter how skillful the player is.

But the system is regularly misused by players. In some cases, Dota 2The reporting system has been abused to report bad play, rather than reporting players for toxicity. Instead of being a useful tool, it is misused as a threat. Players who collect too many reports may be subject to penalties, such as being placed in a low priority matchmaking pool with other reported players or being banned from chatting in-game.

A The tech player would likely earn an excessive amount of reports compared to other players, for example. While Techies is known as a heinous hero who turns the game into Minesweeper, he is always an actively available hero and each player can choose him. Different game design approaches exist and Dota 2the roster is filled with villainous heroes who have the ability to burn your mana, force you to attack your own allies, or literally prevent your hero from using skills or items for 16 seconds. There is nothing inherently wrong with loving a hero and how he plays.

Different approaches to game design.

The reporting system has been in place since the start of Dota 2 and that probably won’t change much. It is a useful tool when used to report potentially disruptive player behavior and is why the behavior score remains an important factor in the quality of matchmaking.

So, can Valve make reporting less punitive for innocent gamers? While there may not be a straightforward approach to solving this problem, there are ways to lessen the impact of the reporting system.

When it comes to players reporting other people just for playing certain heroes, their behavior is likely constant and recurring, rather than a one-off display. For these players, fraudulent reports may be reported from the account and may be subject to discount.

The number of reports can be changed to suit a player’s past activity and report behavior. Players who regularly abuse the reporting system may also experience a drop in their driving score, providing a very real warning to the user in question.

Another solution that Valve can adopt is to look to its other games for inspiration. a Monitoring system exists in CS: GO for seasoned gamers to watch reruns of other people suspected of cheating or hacking. This system could be implemented in Dota 2 for the same reason, but also to check whether the reported reason is valid.

Such cases are admittedly rare. However, they have consequences for players who have committed the crime of being bad at a game or choosing to play an unusual hero. Dota 2, more than anything else, is famous for the fact that anything and everything can work. This is how the game and the professional scene have managed to stay fresh after all these years.

Valve being more proactive on banning users and accounts that break the rules, the developer must be careful not to ban innocent players. There are far more serious crimes than loving a heinous hero, and the system must solve the problem properly.

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