Does Dota 2’s reporting system work as expected?

The reporting system that Valve introduced for Dota 2 is used to blame players for at least four different reasons. These are Communication Abuse, Intentional Abuse of Ability, Intentional Feeding, and Not Playing Selected Role (a new addition to the feature).

The idea is quite simple. Players should only receive a report when their in-match behavior goes against what Valve suggests good behavior should be in a match. So in a sense, it should never be about players playing badly. Plus, no matter how good a player is, there will be a time when that player just won’t be on top of their game.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the reporting system in Dota 2 at present. It is said to be regularly misused by a number of players, most of whom are simply taking advantage of it. In some cases, the feature has been abused to report bad play when it should be meant to report problem gamers. Instead of being a useful tool, which Valve obviously wanted in the first place, it has now become a threat or a way to troll others.

Keep in mind that if you get too many reports you will be eligible for penalties. For example, you will be placed in a low priority matchmaking pool with other reported players. There are even cases where you can be banned from chatting in the game.

There are also heroes in Dota 2 who tend to receive an excessive amount of reports compared to others. A good example here is Techies, a hero known as a heinous choice in many matches. Some ad players think he’s not a good hero to play with; therefore, reports are tabled. In reality, it’s not really the player’s fault for picking Techies. The hero is, after all, part of the hero pool. Unfortunately, the reporting system can be used in a way to flag players just because they didn’t pick the hero you wanted.

Obviously, Valve needs to do something about the reporting system in Dota 2. While the intention is definitely to reduce toxicity, it does affect players who don’t deserve punishment. Worse yet, honest players get punished instead of problem players.

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