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Week 1 Eagles Bulletin: High ratings all around originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

ATLANTA – Now this was a way to start the season.

The Eagles had a dominant performance in Nick Sirianni’s opener as head coach and took a 32-6 victory over the Falcons on the road.

It’s just a week against a team that probably won’t be very good… but it was an impressive performance nonetheless.

Let’s move on to the school report:


Jalen Hurts: 27/35, 264 yards, 3 TDs; 7 carries, 62 yards

It’s not a huge sample, but it was by far the best game of Hurts’ young career. That doesn’t mean it was perfect. There were a few mistakes that come to mind. He slipped out of the pocket too early on that fourth down and his ball to Zach Ertz was undershot over the straight sideline in another play. But that’s just being finicky. Because Hurts was really good on Sunday against the Falcons. He was decisive and made some great throws. In particular, Dallas Goedert’s touchdown was about as good as it gets. And after all these questions about his accuracy, he made 77% of his passes.

Note: A

Ball carriers

Miles Sanders: 15 runs, 76 yards, 4 catches 39 yards

Sanders went over 100 scrimmage yards and Kenny Gainwell played his part well in his first game in the NFL. We didn’t see Boston Scott in this one, but Sanders and Gainwell carried the load.

Note: A


DeVonta Smith: 6 catches, 71 yards, 1 touchdown

None of the numbers were crazy and because of that I thought about dropping the score here to make room for future performances. But the receivers did what they needed and what they were asked to do. Smith landed a touchdown, Reagor had a touchdown and Quez Watkins started the game with three quick catches. There is still room for growth but it was a great start for this young group.

Note: A

Tight ends

Dallas Goedert: 4 catches, 42 yards, 1 touchdown

Again, the numbers weren’t mind-boggling. Aside from Goedert, Zach Ertz made two catches for 34 yards and then battled a hamstring injury. Even Jack Stoll saw time in 13 staff and later in 12 staff when Ertz was away. Just a solid performance and a decent indicator that 12 staff members are not going anywhere.

Note: A

Offensive line

When it comes to their play alone, the offensive line probably deserved an A. But there were just too many penalties for us to ignore. Seven of the Eagles’ 14 penalties went to the offensive line, including one that canceled a touchdown. The Eagles were fortunate enough to bring those points back to the board. The good news is that if OL can play the way they did on Sunday and eliminate the penalties, that will be excellent.

Category B

Defensive line

Javon Hargrave: 6 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 QB hits

The only reason for the drop is that the Falcons were able to get something going early in the game against the run and there were some penalties. But the Eagles’ defensive line really drained them as the game progressed. In addition to Hargrave, Hassan Ridgeway had a sack and the group combined for nine QB hits. They really got after Matt Ryan, who was also called in for a few intentional strandings due to the pressure.

Note: A-


Eric Wilson: 9 combined tackles

I thought of the linebacker group Alex Singleton played the best, at least in the first round. This group in general had a rough start and missed a few tackling opportunities. But it’s hard to knock them out when the whole defensive unit is only allowing six points.

Category B


Avonte Maddox: 8 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 SEB

Calvin Ridley caught just five passes for 51 yards and Kyle Pitts had just four for 31. Give the Eagles high school credit for that. There were a few missed tackles which brought them down. But overall, they’ve done a really good job limiting a few really special playmakers.

Rating: B +

Special teams

Arryn Siposs: 4 punters, 189 yards (47.3), 3 inside 20

Jake Elliott had a 43-yard field goal late in the game. And Siposs was excellent. His three punts that were knocked down inside the 20 were kicked inside the 10. Cameron Johnston was very good for the Eagles, but they may have found a much cheaper and still adequate option.

Note: A


Result: 1-0

When was the last time before Sunday that we saw some creativity from the Eagles coaching staff. I know it was just a game, but you have to come out of it pretty confident in Nick Sirianni and Jonathan Gannon. The team was ready to play and, penalties aside, put in a very clear performance.

Note: A

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