League of Legends Season 2 World Champion Toyz Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Charges

Source: HiNet

According to a Taiwan’s Central News Agency report, content creator and former League of Legends World Champion Lau “Toyz” Wai Kin has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges. On June 16, 2022, Toyz appeared before the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office charged with allegedly selling marijuana pods. The former professional player apologized and urged the public to avoid drugs.

Toyz appeared in Taichung District Court, pleading guilty to all charges. In his statement, he said he was under pressure after being released from a rehabilitation center and regretted his exposure to drugs. His court-appointed lawyer, Liu Weijian, asked the court to take his lack of knowledge of Taiwanese laws into account when deciding his sentence.

The news comes after Toyz, who has lived on and off in Taiwan for years, was arrested late Last year in Taipei, suspected of trafficking marijuana. He was accused of forming a drug syndicate with friends in late 2019 – selling THC-containing products online. He was arrested after Taiwanese police posed as drug buyers, leading to the arrest of Toyz, along with seven of his associates.

The arrest sparked much discussion within the esports community, as well as other Taiwanese celebrities and esports personalities, with actor and singer Hsieh Ho-hsien posting a photo on his social media page smoking in support of Toyz. Marijuana use is lower acceptable in Taiwan, with a potential life sentence for distribution.

Source: Hsieh Ho-hsien’s Facebook page

In a separate costume, YouTube sound manager and employee Zhou Zhou also accused Toyz of fraudulent gambling and intimidation. The lawsuit was settled out of court, with a settlement that will see certain media outlets and four YouTube channels returned to Toyz, its debt to Zhou Zhou erased and both sides withdrawing their claims against the other.

Toyz was a professional League of Legends player, best known for playing mid lane with the Taipei Assassins in their World Championships win in Season 2. He was respected for his skills with Orianna and Anivia, much the considering the MVP of the tournament. He recently worked as an influencer and content creator.

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