Newly discovered COVID variant combines Omicron and Delta: report

Scientists from the Republic of Cyprus have reportedly discovered a new strain of COVID-19 that combines delta and omicron variants. reports Leondios Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus and head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology, identified the new “deltacron”, which takes its name from a combination of the two strains of coronavirus.

“There are omicron and delta co-infections currently and we have found this strain which is a combination of these two,” Kostrikis said in an interview with Sigma TV on Friday January 7th via Bloomberg.

Kostrikis confirmed that the new strain contained omicron-like genetic signatures associated with delta genomes and said 25 cases of deltacron had been identified, with a higher likelihood of hospitalization than non-hospitalization, according to data sent to GISAID, the international coronavirus change tracking database. , Friday.

“We will see in the future if this strain is more pathological or more contagious or if it will prevail,” said Kostrikis, comparing deltacron to the delta and omicron variants.

The professor added that he believes the strain will likely be replaced by another highly contagious variant of omicron in the future.

News of the new strain comes as omicron continues to cause an increase in COVID-19 cases around the world, which includes a seven-day average of more than 600,000 new cases daily in the United States, according to data from Johns Hopkins University obtained by CNBC Friday.

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