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Vancouver Canucks management has done a ton this offseason. In fact, Jim Benning and his hockey operations department were arguably the busiest organization in the league, in terms of both the scale and complexity of their offseason trips.

Ineffective contracts were negotiated, an intriguing prospect was lost in the expansion, the club placed a huge franchise-defining bet on a 30-year-old defender, acquired a top winger for good measure and built a AHL team that looks great on paper.

Amid a wave of exchanges and signings, however, the club’s biggest business – second contracts for Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson – remain unfinished.

Noting the offseason work of a team before signing its most important contracts and before the team even reaches the rink is not optimal. It’s not as unfair as handing out report cards just a week after the start of the school year, but it’s in the same neighborhood.

We’ll try to do that today, however, as it’s important to focus on key process metrics, especially in a league as variable and luck-driven as the NHL.

A club’s worst moves can go down, while the best can fall flat. We have all followed this league closely enough to find out.

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