Online Test Report System Introduced at Thiruvananthapuram Medical School

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With the system for delivering results from various diagnostic labs to ward physicians online, patients and their passers-by will no longer have to run from lab to lab to get their reports at Trivandrum Medical College. Reports from the hospital development company’s lab, x-ray unit, computed tomography and MRI unit would now be available on the computers of the affected doctors in their respective departments in real time. Once the results are submitted online, the message about it will appear on the viewer’s registered cell phone number. He must immediately forward the message to the doctor concerned.

Results can be obtained by seeding the invoice number or the patient’s name. The new system would help doctors start treatment without waiting hours for lab test reports. In addition, it will also help MCH authorities to avoid films under the Green Protocol. On average 2,500 people come to the central laboratory and 1,500 to the HDS laboratory to take blood samples for testing daily. On average, at the radiography, computed tomography and MRI unit, 600, 200 and 40 people come daily to do their exams. As all of these diagnostic centers are located in different locations on the medical school campus, passers-by have to walk from lab to lab to get the results. In cases where patients require multiple tests, passers-by should visit these labs several times a day.

MCH authorities have received numerous complaints about the delay in obtaining results from various laboratories. Given the enormous inconvenience experienced by patients and their passers-by, the Minister of Health KK Shailaja took the initiative to set up the online system. A similar system in place at the casualty wing and the messaging system is working well. The hospital superintendent, Dr MS Sharmad, and the deputy superintendent, Dr Santosh Kumar, played a key role in setting up this high-tech system. New software has been installed and a new networking system has also been created for this purpose. At present, the authorities are developing a mobile application on which reports of diagnostic test reports would be made available at a faster rate.

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