Overwatch finally gets a reporting system, and it’s gorgeous

Overwatch finally gets a reporting system, and it’s gorgeous

For a very long time, Overwatch was lacking in the reporting department. Of course, Overwatch already had a reporting system in place, but you could hardly call it one. The system in place was far too simple for the complexity of the game and seemed to lack the user’s needs. It was as if he was screaming into the void where Blizzard would never be able to hear or act on the reports.

Not only that, but you would have players reporting others for minor complications. There have been many false reports of stealing someone else’s hero or a minor disagreement in the chat. These types of reports were crowded and made it difficult to wade through the sea of ​​falsehood.

List of reports

However, now living in the PTR, is Overwatch’s next move to a fair reporting system. The system consists of a drop-down menu with several different categories of reports. These categories are: Spam, Abusive Chat, Cheating, Grief, Inactivity, Bad Battletag, and Bad Teamwork. It looks like the developers have laid the groundwork for what is considered to be reported.

Reporting system

That’s not all, because each option also has a description. Each description describes what is and is not considered a reportable offense in that category. For example, the description for Abusive Chat reads; “AN ABUSIVE CHAT IS: ANY FORM OF COMMUNICATION HATE, DISCRIMINATORY, OBSCENE OR DISTURBING. THREAT OR HARASSMENT ANOTHER PLAYER FROM EITHER TEAM IS ALSO UNACCEPTABLE, NO MATTER WHICH WORDS IS USED.

As we can see, the description clearly sets out the guidelines of what is an offense, which is followed by a description of what is not an offense. For example, in the Abusive Chat category, asking a team member to change heroes or making a suggestion to a team member is not considered abusive chat.

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