Report: System Shock 3 developers “no longer employed”

The latest (and possibly the last) public trailer for Shock system 3.

The long-held dream of a new sequel in history System shock the series may well be dead, according to a new report from Video Games Chronicle.

The fate of the new sequel – the series’ first since 1999 – began to seem questionable last February, when struggling publisher Starbreeze was forced to resell the rights to the game to developer OtherSide Entertainment to recover the costs. As a result of this move, however, OtherSide managed to set up a GDC demo and was optimistic about potential publication options, including self-publishing. OtherSide has also released a new “pre-alpha” gameplay trailer. no later than November, suggesting that things were moving forward in a predictable way.

Development appears to have taken a bad turn in recent months, however, with former community manager Sam Luangkhot confirmation in december that a number of high profile members of the OtherSide team had been made redundant. That tee list included the game’s writer and director, lead designer, lead programmer, QA manager and lead environment artist, according to LinkedIn profiles posted by those affected.

More recently, an anonymous OtherSide developer (whose authenticity has been confirmed by Luangkhot) suggested on Codex RPG forums that the entire OtherSide team is “no longer employed” there. The developer went on to say that even though the game’s core systems were “nearing completion,” the team was still “way behind on … content” years after the game was announced.

“The only reason I’m posting is because I’ve seen so much confusion about the state of the business and the project that I thought first-person information would be welcome,” he said. said the anonymous developer. wrote in a separate post. “If Starbreeze hadn’t gone into crisis, I think we would have delivered something interesting with fresh and innovative gameplay, but a game much smaller than people expected and inevitably disappointing for a sequel. to such a popular franchise. “

“These high expectations have led to many expensive experiments,” continued the developer. “We were a small team and knew we couldn’t compete with the current immersive simulations in terms of quality and breadth of production, so we had to be creative, smart and weird. And we were about to create something. something unique and maybe fun, but probably not what the audience was hungry for. “

The reports would suggest a disappointing conclusion to a project that started over four years ago as a crazy idea by a handful of System shock development veterans. The potential of the project was enough to train the legendary (and original System shock producer) Warren Specter from college and back in a studio director position with OtherSide.

Spectrum say no later than May that he and the team struggled to balance the audience’s perceived desire for gore with the kind of survival-horror tension the series is known for. “There are expectations with a game like System shock that I will go a little further [with violence] than I normally would, “he said at the time.” So what I’m trying to do is listen to my team, listen to the audience and adjust my beliefs , or work within my beliefs, as appropriate. “

The fate of Shock system 3 should not have an impact separate System shock restart effort undertaken by Nightdive Studios. This project continues to make apparent progress after a $ 1.35 million Kickstarter campaign and a delay compared to a planned release in 2020 a few years ago.

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