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DNA-based genomic innovations have evolved from gene editing to cancer drugs. DNA is widely used as an initial sample for various diagnostics and research purposes. DNA extraction is a complex process. After the post-introduction of DNA extraction kits, the process is simplified and can be performed efficiently. The extracted DNA is mainly used to study the genetic cause of disease, perform forensic science, drug development, personalized drugs, paternity testing, and genome sequencing. Advances in genomics play a huge role in agricultural biology. They contribute significantly to plant breeding technology, research like reducing the cost of agricultural production, etc.

One of the significant advantages is that RNA/DNA extraction kits are available in different product types for multiple samples. The DNA extraction kit for microbial DNA extractions like viruses, bacteria. DNA Extraction Kit for Tissue Sample, DNA Extraction Kit for Forensic DNA, Cell-Free DNA Extraction Kits, and more. This broader portfolio increases the number of end users for the DNA extraction kit market.

Technological advancements are likely to drive the growth of the RNA/DNA Extraction Kits market

The demand for RNA/DNA Extraction Kits is increasing due to their use of its applications. The extracted DNA is used in PCR, genome sequencing, cloning and other applications. Increase in demand for this application will drive the growth demand of DNA Extraction Kits market. Advances in technology such as the introduction of next-generation DNA extraction kits help the user to isolate genomic DNA from a range of samples using optimized protocols. This helps the user to obtain high quality DNA from even specialized samples. This is widely adopted by researchers to work on multiple samples for research purposes.

The use of NGS is increasing in cancer research and personalized treatments. DNA extraction is considered to be one of the fundamental and important steps in NGS library preparation. The growing demand for personalized medicine, CAR-T therapies, gene therapies and other regenerative drugs is greatly accelerating the use of DNA extraction kits in the market. In addition, the presence of several research institutes and autonomous genomic laboratories in developed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Germany are extensively involved in genetic research, genome sequencing, study of Genetic features, especially cancer diseased genes, neurological disorder segments, and other rare genetic diseases are largely driving the use of DNA isolation kits in the market.

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the market. The focus was on RNA extraction kits, this reduced the use of DNA extraction kits and few products were launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many genomics research centers have focused on sequencing COVID-19 variants and vaccines. This has largely diverted genomics researchers to focus on COVID-19 samples, which has largely reduced DNA-based research or postponed and is expected to resume post-COVID-19 pandemic purposes. .

Geographic segmentation

North America led the DNA extraction kit market share. However, APAC is expected to grow at a faster rate with a CAGR of over 9% in the DNA extraction market. Growing investments in genome sequencing, growing adoption of genetic test-based diagnostics for rare diseases, oncology, and increased adoption of personalized medicines are driving the North American market extensively.

• North America
• Europe
• Latin America
• Middle East and Africa

• Type of product
• Application
• Standard sample
• Final user
• Geography

DNA Extraction Kits Market Segmentation Analysis

End User: Healthcare facilities with in-house labs dominate the end user segment. The number of samples tested for various genetic diseases, oncology is widely pushing the healthcare segment to use the DNA extraction kit.

Sample type: Blood, tissue and FFPE samples dominated the sample type segment in the market. Blood and tissue samples are widely used in the diagnostic segment in the market. FFPE samples that are stored for biopsy, experimental research, diagnostics, and drug development represent a large volume of samples that use the DNA extraction process. They are major contributors to the DNA Extraction Kits market by sample type in the market.

Product type: Cell-free DNA accounted for most of the product type. However, the genomic DNA segment is growing rapidly due to increasing investment in genomic research and personalized drugs in the market. The genomic DNA segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.01% in the market.

Applications: PCR application dominates the application segment as PCR is a gold standard method to extract DNA for various study and diagnostic purposes. The application of sequencing is increasing significantly as there are technological advances focused on genomic diagnosis.

Main suppliers
• Agilent Technologies
• Bio-Rad Laboratories
• F. Hoffmann-La Roche
• Promega
• Thermo Fischer Scientific

Other Important Suppliers
• 1st BASE
• 3B BlackBio Biotech India
• BioChain Institute
• Bionier
• Canvax
• Cell projects
• Covaris
• Cytiva
• Five-photon biochemicals
• Galenvs Sciences
• Geneaid Biotech
• Scientific IBI
• INVITEK Molecular
• LabTurbo
• Lexogen
• LGC Biological Research Technologies
• Lucigen
• MagGenome
• Merck
• New England Biological Laboratories
• Omega Bio-tek
• PCR biosystems
• Perkin Elmer
• Primer design
• Organic Takara
• Vivantis Technologies
• Xi’an Tianlong Science and Technology
• Zymo Search

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