Valiant players report flaws in the game’s reporting system

Despite a commitment by Riot Games to tackle sexual harassment, Valorant players still have concerns about in-game behavior.

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While Riot Games had already committed to addressing the issue of sexual harassment in its recent report valiant, it seems that some members of the valiant community still have considerable concerns with the issue. A thread on the r / VALORANT subreddit asked Riot Games to treat sexual harassment as seriously as cheating.

“If you are caught cheating once material identification is banned,” the original poster said “GreatLoL,” “but in order for you to be punished for sexual harassment, you must be reported by dozens of people. ” They then asked Riot to record the voice communications as a way to have evidence beyond multiple reports and that those guilty of sexual harassment be banned from physical identification as cheaters, stating: “I want to see them. save and review voice communications recordings [sic] if they are reported for abuse of com … [Harassers] should be prohibited from identifying the material. ”

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While this is a serious issue that no one in the community should ever experience, commentators have pointed out that stalker mute is an available option. In the first comment, the redundant user deletion highlighted the legal impossibility of saving voice communications, pointing out that it could “violate data protection laws in the EU”.

There have been numerous public manifestations of sexual harassment and sexist behavior in Valuing. UX designer for Team fight Tactical Riot Greenily shared a video earlier this year of being harassed during a valiant game that received a lot of feedback from other Riot Games employees with similar experiences. Executive producer Anna ‘SuperCakes’ Donlon later said Riot Games was taking this issue seriously and promised the Los Angeles-based developer would do better for the community.

Valorant will soon get a replay system according to Riot Games

One of the main factors as to why this problem is difficult to solve is that it is much easier to prove cheating than harassment. Using a third-party program is easily identifiable, but determining what is and is not sexual harassment will require a more human assessment. While valiantThe anti-cheat system has proven to be controversial, it has proven to be very effective in identifying violators, as shown by the thousands of bans that have taken place.

Ultimately, the issue of sexual harassment relates more to anonymity and internet culture than to something specific to valiant himself. Although it would be great if Riot Games could purge its Newly released first person shooter stalkers, this can be very impractical due to legal obstacles. No one should ever experience harassment, but the solution is probably further away than the community hopes.

valiant is available now on PC.

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