Watlington man arrested while driving after report of drinking and driving, court said

A West Norfolk driver has been banned from the roads for the second time.

Andrew Comben, 38, did not provide a breath sample after he was arrested while driving in Watlington last month.

Police, who had been alerted by a member of the public driving behind a BMW, went to Comben’s home on Fen Road.

King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court (52926229)

The vehicle was stationary but the ignition was still on, Lynn Magistrates’ Court said Thursday.

Comben smelled of alcohol and stammered his words, but refused to give a roadside breath sample, prosecutor Anna Crayford said.

He was arrested and, during a search, a packet of cocaine worth around £ 15 was found.

“In police custody, the accused tried to blow into the tube but did not blow long enough.

He failed to provide a satisfactory sample three times, ”added Miss Crayford.

In an interview, Comben admitted to acting “belligerently” because he did not like the officer’s attitude. He claimed he had drunk two glasses of wine.

The accused pleaded guilty to failing to provide a breath sample for analysis and possession of a Class A drug on October 3.

The court heard that he was also found guilty of drinking and driving in May 2019.

George Sorrell, mitigating, said his client was suffering from anxiety and that he was intoxicated when police approached him in his driveway with a “reasonable request” would not have helped.

“He explained in an interview that he didn’t like the way he was treated, but nothing about the accused made him hate the police per se.

“He wasn’t sure at the time that he would have gone over the limit, but that’s really irrelevant,” Sorrell added.

Comben was disqualified for three years and was not given the opportunity to reduce the ban with a drunk driver re-education course.

He was also fined £ 200 and costs £ 145 plus a victim fine surcharge of £ 34. There was no separate sentence for the drug offense.

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