When Technology Meets Tholkappiyam: Chennai Artists Collaborate For NFT Music Project That Can Be Heard 19,440 Ways | Chennai News

CHENNAI: On a chilly evening earlier this month at Manhattan’s glittering Terminal 5, thousands of people watched digital artist Beeple’s iconic $ 69 million non-fungible (NFT) tokens, “Everydays – The First 5000 Days ”, make its public debut.
And the sounds of Tamil soil set the tone for this historic event – the world’s premier NFT-focused music, art and technology festival titled ‘Dreamverse’.
In the ‘Pann’ project, the musical moods that describe landscapes such as Kurinji (mountain), Neidhal (ocean) and Marudham (agricultural fields) in ancient Sangam literature, are woven into a sublime arrangement of music programmable by 41 visual artists. and music from Chennai.
The project was commissioned for the mega event by MetaKovan (aka Vignesh Sundaresan), and in what will be a colossal milestone for Tamil Nadu artists, “Pann” will be created as an NFT on Async Art – an art movement experimental built on the blockchain – in November. The initiative promises to open artists like Chennai singer and songwriter Pradeep Kumar and Tamil folk star Anthony Daasan to the global connoisseur market fueling the NFT market.
“When we started, we had a strong motivation: to connect as many artists as possible directly to a global audience,” says Pradeep, also the mastermind behind “Pann”. “The greatest gift of a blockchain-powered art space is that it allows the artist to perform with ingenuity and freedom, and to demonstrate their value in a large, decentralized space,” he said.
The musical piece comes in 19,440 combinations in which it can be heard. These are created from nine layers containing an eclectic range of instruments, vocals and ambient sounds. So, if a collector buys a diaper, he can literally shape the main track as he chooses using the variations available to him. Variations for each layer were recorded live – including sounds from various landscapes of Tamil Nadu and electronic layers from a modular synthesizer.
The technology was developed on the Etherium blockchain with smart contracts encoded in it. Thus, for each layer and master track purchased, the artist will be paid via an automated system.
“NFT eliminates the intervention of record companies and streaming platforms. The artist gets his due and the public gets the value of the artwork they buy, ”says Radar With a K, a freelance music producer and“ Pann ”artist.
For artists like Anthony Daasan, who has gone from singing at funerals to a powerful voice of folk art in Tamil cinema, this is a new opportunity. “It’s a way of keeping the precious traditions of the show alive,” he says.

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