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KANPUR: Two more cases of Zika virus were reported on Sunday, bringing the total to 125.
The report of samples received from the laboratory of the Department of Microbiology at KGMU, Lucknow, confirmed two positive cases for Zika virus.
Reports in 39 cases turned negative and the total number of active cases stood at 86. The total number of people infected with Zika virus in the city has now reached 125.
Chief Medical Officer Dr Nepal Singh said: “With two more cases of Zika virus detected, the total number in the city now stands at 125.”
The two positive cases of Zika virus were confirmed in the report received Sunday from the KGMU microbiology laboratory, he said and added so far that 39 people have recovered and have tested negative, and that the Zika’s active cases in the city now stand at 86.
GK Mishra, additional director of the medical, health and family welfare department of the Kanpur division, said: “Mass surveillance has been launched in the areas affected by the Zika virus. Nearly 100 teams trained by the health department carried out a survey on the outskirts of an area of ​​three kilometers.
“In the survey, we are focusing on men and pregnant women who have a fever or who are showing symptoms of Zika virus infection. Samples from 95 people were collected on Sunday. To date, a total of 4,770 samples have been collected and tested. Mishra said.
A source reduction exercise was carried out on Friday in 2,783 houses in Tiwariganj, Ghaukheda, Faithfulganj, Shyam Nagar C-Block, JK Colony, Jajmau, Adarsh ​​Nagar, Tiwaripur Bagiya, Bhawani Nagar, Daheli Sujanpur, Pokharpurwa, Qazi Kheda and Shiv katra. To date, a source reduction exercise has been carried out in 59,096 homes, Mishra said and added “Besides misting, other means are being adopted to destroy the source of mosquitoes.”
Meanwhile, arrangements under the Zika Action Plan have been made at the GSVM Medical School, where if a pregnant woman has a fever just once, she will be monitored until delivery. The history of her fever will be taken up to three months before the pregnancy. After the first three months, the fetus will be monitored by second-level ultrasound. Regarding the follow-up of pregnant women, the medical school has prepared a six-month plan. Besides ultrasound, other tests will also be done, said GSVM medical school director Dr Sanjay Kala.
The first case of Zika virus was reported on October 23 when an Air Force officer was diagnosed with the infection in the Pardewanpur area of ​​Chakeri.
To control the spread of the Zika virus in the city, CM Yogi Adityanath himself visited the city on November 10 and provided an update on the situation. He had even inspected the infected localities and met those affected.
The CM, in addition to insisting on fogging throughout the district, also inspected the integrated control room set up for Zika at the Kanpur Municipal Corporation and ordered the authorities to establish a dedicated hospital for Zika and d ” speed up measures to destroy mosquito breeding grounds.

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